Mark Hansen wrote:
Just to get past all the noise, here is what I think you're trying to do.
Please correct me if I'm wrong:

You have your PC connected to the Internet via Comcast.

You want to sent e-mail using your Earthlink's SMTP provider.

If this is true, Comcast support won't be able to help you.
You need to talk to Earthlink support and tell them that you
are away from your normal connection source, and are forced
(temporarily) to use Comcast and that you want to be able
to send e-mail via Earthlink's SMTP server using your Earthlink

If they support this, they should be able to give you connection
information which you can use in SeaMonkey (or any other client
for that matter). Don't get hung up on which client - just have
them tell you want needs to be set and someone here can help you
translate that into SeaMonkey controls (if necessary).

Note that Earthlink is not going to just let any Comcast customer
(that is what you are, if only temporarily) connect to their SMTP
server and send e-mail. This is what spammers do. They are going
to require that you have your client (SeaMonkey) set up to properly
authenticate with their system first.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

Best Regards,

With one element you understand it.
It just happens to McLeodusa and not Earthlink.

Oh yes, Ive spent much time with McLeod tech support. It understands what I want to do. It tells me to NOT use authentication, but could not tell what those steps are in Seamonkey. Since I am not using Authentication, and now have learned which box that is, I just might check it instead!!!

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