Mark Hansen wrote:

Because (it seems) earthlink is allowing it. Let's assume you're connected
via comcast. If you want to point your SMTP client (SeaMonkey) to Earthlink's
SMTP server, you need to get past two things:

1. Comcast has to allow your outgoing connection.
2. Earthlink has to allow your incoming connection (from comcast's network).

Some ISPs (I don't know if comcast does this) can block the standard SMTP
port (25). However, if you can talk to your non-Comcast SMTP server on
a different port, you can probably get around this.

I am understanding that either the outgoing server OR the incoming server can create a block. McLeod claims not to doing this.

Number 2 can also be done. You have to work with the SMTP provider and
see what they will allow (different ports, authentication, etc.).

After I take Peter Potamus's and your suggestion to do test using OE, I'll get in touch with McLeod (again, again, again) and determine if there other port or other settings.

 Bottom line is that I
cannot get a straight story out of them regarding McLeod (or any other e-mail provider)..

If that's the case, can you use Outlook Express in the short term,
just to get it working. Once you get it working, it should be simple
to apply any settings to your SeaMonkey client and make it work as
well. I only suggest this because it may be easier to get help from
them if you're using their accepted client.
Yes the smart, scientific approach which I failed to employ.

  I fully understand that this
might not change my circumstance because of Comcast policies, still I need to try it to eliminate it as a stumbling block. See below my attempts/experiences with this disabling.

What I got out of what you were trying to do before was to have
SeaMonkey set to use Comcast's SMTP server and pass your Mcleod
user name and password. I was trying to say that will just never

Ah yes.

However, to give you the answer to your question, look in Mail &
Newsgroups Account Settings for the e-mail account, click on
Server Settings in the left-hand tree view, then look in the
Security Settings group box. There is a check box labeled: Use
secure authentication. They are saying to clear it.

It was/is always clear.
So now on to OE.
Thanks again.
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