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tand bye.

I'm going out on a limb here, and tell you a story. I recently found out that some people, in certain countries, can now download hotmail into SeaMonkey Mail, without using a program such as FreePops or the webmail extension. Hotmail has now become pop3 compatible. This is great news. Now, when I did what the instructions said, I had problems. It said to Use Secure Authentication and SSL setting. When I did this, nothing would work. After fiddling around, I found a combo. For Pop access, don't select the Authentication part, and select SSL. For SMTP, select the password and user name, but use TLS.

Well, thats my story. Take it for what its worth.

Thanks Peter,

Gotcha'. The problem for me is that I do not know which variable to fiddle with. And, while I mess with all of them one at a time, if there is more than one to tweak simultaneously, the tweak factor becomes an imponderable, or at least impractical for all the combinations. So now I am waiting on McLeod for the next round of answers.
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