HeavyDuty wrote:
chicagofan wrote:
What is happening when received messages are duplicated.... with a
 date of 12/31/1969? bj [SM l.l.ll]
Are ALL your messages duplicated and with that date, or just some? While I have not a clue, I would suspect a problem with the e-mail host.

Just some....

I thought it was just on mail from a friend who uses Apple, but after a
couple of days of just some of her messages duplicating that way, I got
one from a friend who uses AOL, right behind the other one's message.
Don't know if they were related, I failed to check if maybe it was a
reply to one of the Apple messages.

I didn't know if it was Microsoft or Apple related perhaps, since I'm the only
one who doesn't use MS based e-mail [except the 1 friend using Apple].

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