On 01/21/09 16:21, HeavyDuty wrote:
> chicagofan wrote:
>> Mark Hansen wrote:
>>> Just FYI: On UNIX systems, "time" is tracked as the number of
>>> milliseconds since 1970. I can see how a "time" of zero adjusted for
>>> time zones could result in a displayed value of 12/31/1969.
>>> ... which implies that somewhere along the life of the message, the
>>> date didn't get set properly (or got cleared).
>> This makes sense to me, because she's on the West Coast, and I'm on the
>> East Coast.  That "somewhere along the way" fits, because it doesn't
>> happen on all of her messages.   Thanks so much, I just wanted to be
>> sure it's not something wrong with SM, since I haven't updated recently.
>> Thanks everyone!
>> bj
> I sense you are finished with this, so what I will add is 
> gratuitous. The signals that run on the internet actually 
> run around the world, over it and under it via cables, fiber 
> optics and satellites. West coast to east coast is irrelevant.

Unless you consider the time zone difference and how that might
affect the display of a date in one zone that was create in the
other :-)

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