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What is happening when received messages are duplicated.... with a
 date of 12/31/1969? bj [SM l.l.ll]
Are ALL your messages duplicated and with that date, or just some? While I have not a clue, I would suspect a problem with the e-mail host.

Just some....

I thought it was just on mail from a friend who uses Apple, but after a
couple of days of just some of her messages duplicating that way, I got
one from a friend who uses AOL, right behind the other one's message.
Don't know if they were related, I failed to check if maybe it was a
reply to one of the Apple messages.

I didn't know if it was Microsoft or Apple related perhaps, since I'm the only
one who doesn't use MS based e-mail [except the 1 friend using Apple].

Unless you are suggesting Seamonkey is problematic running under Mac OS, I doubt if there is any difference on what computer or OS messages originate.

While no expert, I believe seamonkey gets the time stamp for each message from the received e-mail (which has Universal Time ) and shows it based on your computer's time clock.

If your friend's computer's clock is really messed up, it would send a wrong time. I doubt any currently operating computer BIOS would default back to 1969, so it would have to be set intentionally.

Seamonkey /could/ defectively not register some received e-mail. and thus would call for/accept as new the next time it queried your e-mail host, but I doubt it because of the inconsistency. I still think you are experiencing a malfunction of the e-mail host (ISP E-mail server). In the alternative, it might be some gremlin-induced by av filtering, firewall, or virus. Last possibility is RAM memory starting to go bad, and that's a reach.

Adjust the Seamonkey server settings. (left click the e-mail account, left click view settings for this account, left click server settings, and change some of the server setting boxes. This should cause that part of seamonkey settings to be re-written.

If it keeps up, reinstall Seamonkey.
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