chicagofan wrote:
Mark Hansen wrote:

Just FYI: On UNIX systems, "time" is tracked as the number of
milliseconds since 1970. I can see how a "time" of zero adjusted for
time zones could result in a displayed value of 12/31/1969.

... which implies that somewhere along the life of the message, the
date didn't get set properly (or got cleared).

This makes sense to me, because she's on the West Coast, and I'm on the
East Coast.  That "somewhere along the way" fits, because it doesn't
happen on all of her messages.   Thanks so much, I just wanted to be
sure it's not something wrong with SM, since I haven't updated recently.

Thanks everyone!

I sense you are finished with this, so what I will add is gratuitous. The signals that run on the internet actually run around the world, over it and under it via cables, fiber optics and satellites. West coast to east coast is irrelevant.

Not happening on all her messages could point to a bad local dial up or broadband connection, or field mice in the office of her ISP.

Eliminate your concerns for problems on your end by updating Seamonkey to 1.1.14. Click on the Seamonkey logo on the upper right hand corner of seamonkey screen. If you have broadband, the download is rapid and the install is seamless, once you double click on the downloaded file.

BTW, just what parts of 606 are you a fan of?
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