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Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Ray_Net wrote:
On the same news-server ...
Clicking "Click here to remove all expired articles" works for a group and did not work for another group.
Any idea about the origin of this problem ?

I don't understand. You have two newsgroups and you see a posting in one of the newsgroups that says to remove all expired articles, and you expect it to remove them from the other newsgroup. Is that what you're saying? If so, then it won't. It only works for the current group you're in.

No no ... perhaps i had not explained enough :-)

Server: - Group a: Name =
Server: - Group b: Name =

Both group shows old posts with "Click here to remove all expired articles"
When i click for the Group b: all goes well and the old posts dissapeared.

When i click for the Group a: nothing happen the old posts are still there with the "Click here to remove all expired articles" sentence - grrrrr... :-)

May be it's because the Group a: is a local group
(if you post on it, only who use/access from can see it) (if you post on it from another independant newsserver (per example, ... everybody can see it)

When you hover (hold your mouse pointer over) over the "Click here",
does your SeaMonkey display a URL/URI in the area on the bottom of
your screen? This is similar to what happens when you point to a link
on a web page!
If so what are those URLs/URIs?  (please post)
Are they the same, except for the newsgroup names?
What happens if you enter them manually in the Browser?

The url: news://
WORKS OK if i enter it manually in the Browser

The url: news://
DID NOT WORK if i enter it manually in the Browser

I get the same type of URIs when I try to load an expired
(or sometimes a _temporarily_ not found) message from a newsgroup
and point at the "click here to remove all expired messages...".
When I enter the URI manually in browser url box, SM opens a new
Mail & Newsgroup window and downloads a full refresh of the articles
available for that newsgroup.
To best see this choose to view all article headers and sort them
by date. Save. Then enter the URI command news://... in the browser
and compare the newly downloaded article list with the old list.
Usually if articles have indeed been expired, you will see this
difference at the top of the list.
Note: Above I wrote (or sometimes a _temporarily_ not found)!
Sometimes, for some reason, an article becomes _temporarily_
irretrievable. Usually trying again a little later, retrieves
the article just fine! Why??? Perhaps someone wiser than I
can answer that one. :-)

No way .... expired articles are still there.

Peter (Potamus) .... what's your idea ? a problem at the news-server of my isp ?
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