Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Ray_Net wrote:

No way .... expired articles are still there.

Peter (Potamus) .... what's your idea ? a problem at the news-server of my isp ?

sorry, but I don't know why the postings are still there. They should be removed if you click on that "remove messages".

> So, a couple of things to try. First, close SM, then look at the .rc > file for that server. Its located in the News section of the profile. > Open that file, and in it you will find a line like this:
> 1-36817,36819-36827
> What you want to do it remove everything between 1- and the last
> number, so you will have this:
> 1-36827
> restart SM.  Did this fix everything?

The content of the .rc file is: 1-1210 1-21 1-272247
therefore this suggestion is not applicable.

> If not, then try clicking on the remove messages link.

As explained before clicking for an expired message in doesnot work

> If it still didn't work, then close SM,
> and remove the *.msf file for that newsgroup. Restart SM.
> Did that work?

Sorry - noway the "expired messages are still present with the remove messages link.
This link doesnot clean the list

> If not, then I have no idea from here on out.

If a developper is interested by this case, i let this situation in this status for one week. After that i think that i will be able to remove those sticky messages by modifying the retention policy of this group.

Thanks Peter for helping me.
I just have an idea about a possible reason of the problem:
This is the only group where i have set tne retention policy to:
"Keep -All Messages" - Therefore it could be a SM problem.
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