Ray_Net wrote:

No way .... expired articles are still there.

Peter (Potamus) .... what's your idea ? a problem at the news-server of my isp ?

sorry, but I don't know why the postings are still there. They should be removed if you click on that "remove messages".

So, a couple of things to try. First, close SM, then look at the .rc file for that server. Its located in the News section of the profile. Open that file, and in it you will find a line like this:

mozilla.support.seamonkey: 1-36817,36819-36827

What you want to do it remove everything between 1- and the last number, so you will have this:

mozilla.support.seamonkey: 1-36827

restart SM. Did this fix everything? If not, then try clicking on the remove messages link.

If it still didn't work, then close SM, and remove the *.msf file for that newsgroup. Restart SM. Did that work?

If not, then I have no idea from here on out.

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