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Stéphane Grégoire wrote:
The only thing which is boring is the Ctrl Maj T doesn't work.

If you mean Ctrl+Shift+T (Undo Close Tab), that should work. At least it
does here, but I have to admit that I'm using a current nightly build
rather than an Alpha. Alpha 3 is expected in a few weeks, though. Stay
tuned. :-)

Yeah, Maj[uscule] (meaning upper-case) is the French name of the Shift
key. And VerrMaj and VerrNum are CapsLock and NumLock respectively
(from verr[ouillage] = locking). On my copy of SeaMonkey, Ctrl+Shift+T
triggers a Duplicate Tab operation (Note: Duplicate Tab is one of my
installed extensions).

I also have Duplicate Tab installed, though only in SM 1.1.x. I used
KeyConfig to reclaim Ctrl+Shift+T for Undo Close Tab (the extension) and
set Duplicate Tab to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab (admitted, I use it much less
than Undo Close Tab). KeyConfig also works with SM2 nightlies (I have
compatibility checking off, don't know if that's needed for this
extension) so the same should be possible there. I just used it to
unbind Ctrl+M from Stylish (since the general request [1] shows no

I have keyconfig; it claims support of Toolkit 1.9a8 to, which means a compatibility override is needed in current nightlies (built upon Gecko 1.9.1b3pre). But it works, I have used it for other keystrokes, e.g. programming "GoToInbox" and "GoToJunk" functions in the mailer (it's of course trickier when the function doesn't preexist).

[1] <http://forum.userstyles.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=2180>



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