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Stéphane Grégoire wrote:
The only thing which is boring is the Ctrl Maj T doesn't work.

If you mean Ctrl+Shift+T (Undo Close Tab), that should work. At least it
does here, but I have to admit that I'm using a current nightly build
rather than an Alpha. Alpha 3 is expected in a few weeks, though. Stay
tuned. :-)



Yeah, Maj[uscule] (meaning upper-case) is the French name of the Shift key. And VerrMaj and VerrNum are CapsLock and NumLock respectively (from verr[ouillage] = locking). On my copy of SeaMonkey, Ctrl+Shift+T triggers a Duplicate Tab operation (Note: Duplicate Tab is one of my installed extensions).

When I want to undo the last tab close, I click right on any tab on the tab bar; to unclose an earlier tab, I use File => Recently Closed Tabs => ...

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