On 07/02/09 16:05, Robert Kaiser wrote:
Tony Mechelynck wrote:
Yeah, Maj[uscule] (meaning upper-case) is the French name of the Shift
key. And VerrMaj and VerrNum are CapsLock and NumLock respectively (from
verr[ouillage] = locking). On my copy of SeaMonkey, Ctrl+Shift+T
triggers a Duplicate Tab operation (Note: Duplicate Tab is one of my
installed extensions).

Sounds like the extension is bad by overriding the SeaMonkey setting for
this key combination.

Robert Kaiser

I guess I could change this (if it annoyed me badly enough) by means of the keyconfig extension (which is also installed here); but in practice I don't need these keyboard shortcuts. Stéphane might want to do it, though.

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