Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo replied On 2/14/2009 12:07 PM

Ray K wrote:
If I go here,,

or to many other pages of the above site, vertical scrolling is strange, whether dragging the scrolling bar or using the mouse wheel.

Using the wheel as an example, and scrolling from top to bottom, the right 2/3 or so of the screen scrolls upward ahead of the left 1/3, with the left portion about one-half a line behind the right. Once the right 2/3 stops scrolling, the left 1/3 catches up (in less than a second) and everything looks okay. Same situation exists scrolling the other way: the left 1/3 lags a fraction of a line for a fraction of a second.

I haven't observed this behavior at other sites; it does not occur using Internet Explorer.

Any idea about the cause of this odd annoyance? Are there internal settings in SM I can change to correct it?



nope, I see nothing wrong. I get the same thing in SM 1.1.14 as I do in opera, FF3, Safari, and IE7.

What happens in a test profile?


It happens here on my SeaMonkey as well.

It's not a profile thing, its a web page thing.

It most likely is caused by the .aspx application that made the page in the first place. It is like the browser cannot render the whole page at one instant, but renders only that which is shown in the open window on the monitor.

The effect here is after the screen is fully displayed, note the large blocks of text, then using the mouse and the vertical scroll handle scroll down while watching the text render into new vertical positions on the monitor.

The lines of text become 1/2 line offset as the page moves up.

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