On 02/14/2009 08:04 PM, Rostyslaw Lewyckyj wrote:
> NoOp wrote:

>> Should work just fine - I've run on much slower machines (I actually
>> have a 350Mhz laptop running w/Ubuntu 8.04). But with a machine that old
>> I'd recommend using 8.04 rather than 8.10. 8.10 is fine for most, but
>> 8.04 is a bit more stable on older systems (IMO). I'd also recommend to
>> download and install from the Alternate CD:
>> http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04/
>> Use the LiveCD to to test without affecting your system, but some users
>> have experienced install issues with liveCD's. I've yet to have an
>> install issue with the Alternate CD.
>> @Rostyslaw: you can dualboot, but in order to do so you'll reasonably
>> need 10GB of hard drive partition to do so. You can do it in about 4GB,
>> but you'll quickly run out of space once you start adding all the cool
>> applications that are available w/linux.
> Thank you for the suggestions, both you and Stephane and Phillip Chee.
> System is 500Mhz P3, 768MB memory, with SCSI. C: & D: are each 8GB.
> C: has 2.5GB available and D: has ~6GB.
> I suppose that I'll have to learn how to read news running SM from an
> Ubuntu LiveCD.
> So what's the feedback on the expected performance of such a lash up?
> Is it likely to be better or worse than the 1.1.14 on my base 98se
> system? The current system doesn't actually crash. It just has
> deteriorated to the speed of a sluggish snail.

Backup whatever you have on D (and C) and install 8.04 to D - let it
have the entire drive. It will automatically identify your Win98 on
drive C and create a dual-boot entry in grub (the boot loader). After
the install is complete, it will reboot & give you menu for both. After
you boot into Ubuntu, install SeaMonkey (post back when you get to that
stage & we'll show you how to do that); you'll be able to copy your
existing Win98 SeaMonkey over to your Ubuntu/linux .mozilla directory.
With a few minor edits, you'll be good as new. After that gets working
you can install SM 2.x in parallel (it won't affect your 1.1.14) so you
can become familiar with the new generation.

Performance will be very reasonable; you'll have a large learning curve,
but once settled in I doubt that you'll spend much time booting into
Win98. All of that is OT for this group, so if you do decide to take the
leap, let me know off group (drop the .invalid at the end of my email
address) and I'll be happy to help guide you through it.
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