Rufus wrote:

I'm another Mac user here...I use Seamonkey and far prefer it to Safari.

I think part (if not all) of your problem is that the Mozilla folders of each User are stored within the Library folders of each account, and not in the System Library folder. Try setting up things in your Admin account, then duplicating your Mozilla folder and replacing the Mozilla folder in your Guest account with the duplicate.

I tried that.  It doesn't help.  SM still launches in the broken state,

The two won't stay synched - you'll have to do that manually. I do that myself between three machines for NG filters and Bookmarks.

...hmmnn...something else you could try is to enable Roaming User for the Guest account - check "Enable remote profile storage", and then select the "File Copy" option...browse to the Profile folder in your Admin Library Mozilla folder, and select that. I haven't tried this, but it seems plausible...if it works then you won't have to worry about synching the folders manually...I think I'm going to try this within my local net...

Since I don't want the second user to have anything to do with /my/ SM I don't think I should do that, and besides, if moving the profile "by hand" didn't work, this wouldn't anyway.

Does your second User launch SM normally?  Are you using a PPC or Intel?
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