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Just discovered that it does not like microsoft.com either so I
can't run windows update :(
but you can't use windows update with SM
Why not? I have a problem with Windows Update with SM and Vista Home
Premium, but my older XP machine updates nicely with SM. Please let me
know why one can't use windows update with SM.


Morton Linder
how do you get win update with SM?  In all the years I've tried, I've
never gotten it to work. So, whats your secret?

Does IE Tab work in Seamonkey?  I know when I'm using Firefox on my
Windows XP partition with IE Tab I can go to Windows Update and have it

yes, IETab does work but version ie_tab- was the last one. And yes, with IE Tab, then you can use windows update, but you can't use SM to access windows update.

Why do you need a "browser" for WUP, if using XP just right-click on MyComputer, select "Properties" and then the "Automatic Updates" tab and make your choice(s). No browser needed or necessary.

because it also shows other updates that are not part of he auto updates, such as that crappy new search 4.0.

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