JeffM wrote:
Lester Caine wrote:
[...]It's only the one machine that is NOT seeing these sites.
Just discovered that it does not like
either so I can't run windows update :(

Raise your right hand and repeat this:
I know that these sites use the LEAST-SECURE mechanism on the planet
yet I am willing to expose my Windoze install
to any infections they might want to shove down my throat.

It's clearing up the effects that is the reason the machine is on the bench here. The shitting thing is clean as far as the trojan goes, but I can't get to updates for Seamonkey, pctools anti-virus and other sites LIKE to look for explanations :( Yet it still access google and most of the other sites quite happily!

I've wasted pigging 3 hours on the machine and if I could get alway with it, it would get Linux, but the customer has a some applications that will only work with windows, such as Sage accounts and their bank access package.

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