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Leonidas Jones <> wrote:

> Daniel wrote:

> > Lee, I know MS wanted to re-set my clock over the week end,
> > thinking we have finished Daylight Savings, but we didn't, so I had
> > to re-adjust my clock!
> >
> > This may explain how you managed to reply to my post before I
> > posted my post!
> >
> > Or is your ESP working overtime??
> >
> > Daniel
> Clocks seem right from here. The time stamp here says 7:46, EDT,
> which should be right.

Lee's timestamps are ok.  But Daniel, yours are off by an hour.  If MS
automagically switched you off DST, it changed both the clock and the
offset from UTC, but it looks like you fixed only the clock without
fixing the offset.

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