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Hi Daniel - Thanks for dropping in. If you look back at the last 50
or so responses, about 1/2 are devoted to reasons why I have problems
sending in plain text. SM doesn't convert it properly all the time,
if I send in a proportional font, I want people to read it in a
proportional font, etc. I won't repeat what I've already written.

....but you do not determine how I (or anyone) see things!!

A;ll your mates might have their systems set up to convert all the
emails they receive to plain text....so your sending things in HTML,
etc, might just be a waste of your time and the internet's bandwidth!!

To be honest, if the people who do SM are starting to enforce their
religious preferences, it may be time to find a different mail client.

and please have the curtsy to leave some of the material to which you
are responding in your reply!!!


And some wonder why I have this filter setup for new.mozilla.org:

Organization: http://groups.google.com


I don't like to tar a whole group....I'm sure there must be some
reasonable (and/or intelligent) people that use Google-Groups!!


I agree. I am afraid there is a whole generation that simply knows nothing about newsgroups.

If we all filter out the google groupers, we will never have an opportunity to introduce them to newsgroups.

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