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> I normally do not run windows, and run linux instead. However I've been
> running WinXPPro (SP3) on a second machine to assist someone
> troubleshooting a SeaMonkey issue. I've run into an issue with upgrading
> from SM 1.1.14 to 1.1.15 and now 1.1.16 whereby I receive WinXP startup
> errors due to SM replacing the MAPI32.DLL in the Windows System32
> directory upon each upgrade. To add insult to injury... 1.1.15 & 1.1.16
> required reboots.
> If I leave the SM mapi32.dll installed, I received the following error
> on startup:
> WindowsSearch.exe - Ordinal Not Found
> The ordinal 49 could not be located in the synamic link library MAPI32.dll.
> If I move the SM mapi32.dll (Mozilla version out of the way and
> replace it with the original MS version (4.0.835.1374), I no longer
> receive the error & SM seems to continue to work just fine. Note: I have
> to keep copy of the MS version in a temp/backup folder as SM keeps
> overwriting the original - whats up with that?
> The Microsoft WindowsSearch.exe is version 7.0.6001.16503.
> I seem to recall some discussion regarding Mozilla interference with
> mapi32.dll files in the past, but I've been on linux for a few years now
> and had thought that any issues like this had been sorted out. Is anyone
> else experiencing mapi32.dll issues?
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There are a bunch of MAPI32.DLL bugs in bugzilla, most of them have been
duplicated to:

Bug 109362 - Installing/setting Mozilla as default mail breaks other
clients (e.g. groupwise, outlook) (bad mapi32.dll)


This is nominated for "wanted‑thunderbird3" I think this should be
blocking-thunderbird3 since the problem will be even worse with Vista
and Windows7.


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