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I normally do not run windows, and run linux instead. However I've been
running WinXPPro (SP3) on a second machine to assist someone
troubleshooting a SeaMonkey issue. I've run into an issue with upgrading
from SM 1.1.14 to 1.1.15 and now 1.1.16 whereby I receive WinXP startup
errors due to SM replacing the MAPI32.DLL in the Windows System32
directory upon each upgrade. To add insult to injury... 1.1.15 & 1.1.16
required reboots.

If I leave the SM mapi32.dll installed, I received the following error
on startup:

WindowsSearch.exe - Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 49 could not be located in the synamic link library MAPI32.dll.

If I move the SM mapi32.dll (Mozilla version out of the way and
replace it with the original MS version (4.0.835.1374), I no longer
receive the error & SM seems to continue to work just fine. Note: I have
to keep copy of the MS version in a temp/backup folder as SM keeps
overwriting the original - whats up with that?

The Microsoft WindowsSearch.exe is version 7.0.6001.16503.

I seem to recall some discussion regarding Mozilla interference with
mapi32.dll files in the past, but I've been on linux for a few years now
and had thought that any issues like this had been sorted out. Is anyone
else experiencing mapi32.dll issues?

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Windows Search most recent version is 4.

Yeah, it's 4.0 & the file is valid:
I was refering to the actual windowssearch.exe file version.

I would suggest a malware scan using Malwarebytes and Spybot:

I have SP3 and my mapi32.dll version is 1.0.2536.0. The last time I had that issue was 1998, as I realized I have a backup file of the moz mapi file in the system32 folder.

If you copy the SM mapi32.dll file to the SM program folder, does it work?

Terry R.

Thanks for the suggestions... however the only malware in this case is
SM replacing mapi32.dll in C:\windows\system32. It's quite simple to

1. Put original mapi32.dll in system32
2. Reinstall SM 1.1.1x and watch SM replace the existing mapi32.dll with
it's own, and rename the previous mapi32.dll to mapi32_Mozilla.dll.

I remember the old NS doing the same. I wonder why SM still does that and yet FF/TB doesn't.

Terry R.
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