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Henry wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

Henry wrote:

I'm still running Mozilla and want to change to SeaMonkey. I notice
in my profile that I have two .slt folders. One has only a folder
called Trash and a folder called Trash.cache. The other has many,
many items including bookmarks etc.

Should I have two .slt folders and will that give me trouble when I
install SeaMonkey? Should I do anything about them or just leave
both of them?



when you say mozilla, do you mean the old Mozilla Suite, or Mozilla

Mozilla suite


I have no idea what is. Mozilla Suite never went that high. It
was either Mozilla 1.7.13 which was the last official release or 1.8ba
which never made it to release.

So, I'm presuming you have the old Mozilla Suite. If so, then close
Mozilla, and click on the windows start button, then run and enter:

mozilla.exe -p

this will start the Mozilla Profile Manager. How many profiles do you
see? If one, then go ahead and delete the .slt folder with the
trash.cache in it. I'm presuming that is when you deleted the cache,
this is the directory that it created.

Otherwise, go ahead and install SM. It will pick up your last Mozilla
Suite profile and start using that.

After Mozilla dropped the suite, they continued issuing nightlies on the 1.8 branch for quite a while, which identified as such. Before SeaMonkey came to life, I continued to use them. That must be what Henry is using.

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