On 04/14/09 08:52, Henry wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 04/14/09 08:12, Henry wrote:
>>>When I run  mozilla.exe -p in the run box, all I get is my Mozilla 
>>>home page.  I get nothing about profile manager.
>>>Also, I checked under help/about Mozilla and I am running Mozilla
>> When you run Mozilla, to you have a "Switch Profile" on the "Tools" menu?
>> If so, that will launch the Profile Manager as well.
> I found that.  When I open it I get a box that's labeled "Available 
> Profiles" and in that box all that's listed is "default".  It doesn't 
> say anything about .slt folders.  So my question is, since I have two 
> .slt folders in my profile, which one is correct?  The one full of 
> lots of stuff or the one that only has in it a folder called Trash and 
> a folder called Trash.cache? Do I need both?  Do other people have two?
> Henry

The above test shows that Mozilla only sees the one profile, and it is
named 'Default'. Given that, I would have to guess that the .slt directory
with all the contents in it is the current one, and the other is not being

... but that's just a guess. I think if you go into Edit -> Mail & Newsgroups
Account Settings, the select Local Folders, the local directory setting will
show the location of the profile directory in use.

However, this is for SeaMonkey - it may be different for older Mozilla
applications (this is the SeaMonkey news group though, right? :-)  )
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