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I'm new to having a laptop, and we travel a lot. I do my research and planning on the internet, and have a number of sites I would like to be able to review when I don't have web access. Its not important that the sites be updated, nor that their links work, I just want the information.

I've been taking screenshots of each page, making them into a jpeg file, and storing that, but it is a lot of work as many sites I like have multiple pages.

I use Vista and Seamonkey 1.1.16. Internet explorer is on the machine, but I don't use it enough to be familiar with it. Is there some way to save web-sites so I can read them when off-line, or would this use too much of the limited storage on the typical laptop?
For those sites which don't prevent you from saving their pages, while you're looking at a page you want to keep, go to the browser's File menu, then Save as..., and you get a Windows Explorer box for saving and naming action. You'll get one html file (if that's the type you save as) with whatever name you use, and a folder in the same directory with the same name as the file (minus extension, of course). To save a page you call 'George' in your root C:\ folder, you'd see George.html and a folder named George. The folder will hold the content of the page (pictures, etc.) while the html file is the code which puts the page together in the browser window. Most pages aren't massive, or they'd take forever to load even on broadband. So hard drive space shouldn't be a concern, unless you already have loads there.
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