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>> I'm new to having a laptop, and we travel a lot.  I do my research and 
>> planning on the internet, and have a number of sites I would like to be 
>> able to review when I don't have web access.  Its not important that the 
>> sites be updated, nor that their links work, I just want the information.
>> I've been taking screenshots of each page, making them into a jpeg file, 
>> and storing that, but it is a lot of work as many sites I like have 
>> multiple pages.
>> I use Vista and Seamonkey 1.1.16.  Internet explorer is on the machine, 
>> but I don't use it enough to be familiar with it.  Is there some way to 
>> save web-sites so I can read them when off-line, or would this use too 
>> much of the limited storage on the typical laptop?
> Rickles has told you one thing, and I'm going to tell 
> you another: if you want to download the entire website 
> to your hard drive, then get website downloaders, such 
> as: HTTrack Website Copier: http://www.httrack.com/
> or spidermonkey: http://spiderzilla.mozdev.org/

Here is another alternative.
First install xSidebar for SeaMonkey:
Then install Scrapbook for SeaMonkey:

Scrapbook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and
easily manage collections. Key features are lightness, speed, accuracy
and multi-language support. Major features are:

    * Save Web page
    * Save snippet of Web page
    * Save Web site (In-depth Capture)
    * Organize the collection in the same way as Bookmarks tree
    * Highlighter, Eraser and various page editing tools
    * Full text search and quick filtering search
    * Text edit feature resembling Opera's Notes


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