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Try this. In SeaMonkey, enter about:plugins like you would a web address. Scroll down and look at your installed plug-ins. Is there one installed for .pdf files? If there is, make a note of where it is located.

Aha!  Yes...There's a plug-in for Foxit, and one for Adobe:

Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla

     File name: npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll
     Foxit Reader Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape

MIME Type     Description     Suffixes     Enabled
application/pdf     Acrobat Portable Document Format     pdf     Yes

Find the plugin, rename it to x-npFoxitReaderPlugin.dll-x
Restart SM & test a PDF to see if it now defaults to Adobe.

JD / NoOp...

YOU da man! ;-)  That got it.  Thanks so much for everyone's help!!!


We da men! Glad I found the problem and thanks to NoOp for telling you how to disable it.

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