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On 04/25/2009 10:01 AM, George Carden wrote:
I've always used the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. But recently I installed the Foxit reader in order to take advantage of their typing feature to fill out PDF forms. I still kept the Adobe reader as my default PDF reader.

However, since downloading Foxit, now whenever I get a PDF file in my email as an attachment, and when I click links to PDF files within the SeaMonkey browser, it is opening the documents in Foxit (within the browser). I want it to open them in Adobe, within the browser, like it used to before I downloaded Foxit.

How can I get that set back?

Thanks for your help!


This has nothing to do with SeaMonkey - unless you've specifically set
pdf files to open in SM via the Helper Applications.

I suggest that you open Windows Explorer, find a .pdf file, right click
the file, select 'Open With', select Adobe Reader & click the 'Always
use this program to open these files'. Then check in SM preferences:
Navigator|Helper Applications| and see what is set for pdf files.

As they say down South, "It's the darndest thing I've ever seen."

I have gone through everything and done the following...

1) Set (again) to be sure Adobe is my default reader program for my Vista OS for all PDF files.

2) Gone through Helper Application prefs for SeaMonkey to set, specifically, Adobe to always be the handler of PDF's within SeaMonkey (it was set to "use default application").

So, theoretically, everything is set to use Adobe for all PDF's everywhere, including SeaMonkey, and when I click on PDFs in SeaMonkey, it's still opening them with Foxit. This wouldn't really be a problem, except I can't get Foxit to print some PDF's my wife is unhappy...meaning, I may not enjoy lunch today. ;-)

Any other ideas? Thanks for all suggestions to this point...they certainly do make sense to me...but, apparently not to Foxit.

What happened when you followed NoOp's suggestion?


SeaMonkey asked how to handle the file. I told it to open with Adobe. It tried to, but the page within the browser was blank. I restarted SeaMonkey and it proceed to open with Foxit again.

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