On 06/02/09 06:14, Lucas Levrel wrote:
> Hi,
> Everything is in the subject... In the mailreader, when I right-click an 
> attachment and select Open, it will open in the current tab of the 
> browser. I'd expect it to open in a new tab, given my prefs for tabbed 
> browsing are:
> - open links meant to open a new window in: a new tab in the current 
> window
> - open links passed from other applications in: a new tab in the current 
> window
> Any hint? I looked for "tab" in about:config but couldn't find anything 
> relevant (other than the above-mentionned prefs).
> Is this a bug?

For what it's worth, I've the same problem with new windows. I have everything
set to open in a new window, but when I open an attachment from within
Mail & Newsgroups, it uses an existing browser window (and replaces the
content that was displayed with the content of the attachment).

I really wish I could get it to just open in a new (not just different)

SeaMonkey 1.1.16, Linux.

Best Regards,
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