Le 2 juin 2009, Hartmut Figge a écrit :

> With this preferences i get news tabs when opening attachments ...
> http://www.triffids.de/pub/screenshot/ta090602.png (16 KB)
> ... but i am using SM2.

Thanks for your concern. I tried your exact settings, to no avail. Could 
you also post your about:config results for browser.tabs.* ?

I've got SM 1.1.14 under Linux and SM 1.1.16 under Win98SE: the bad 
behavior shows up on both ones.

Some more testing:
- Linux: "seamonkey www.google.com" on a command-line uses an existing 
  tab; so the "external application" setting seems to be broken.
- Win98: "C:/.../seamonkey.exe www.google.com" in the Launch dialog does 
  create a new tab! So I'm even more puzzled now: how comes that SM obeys 
  the "external application" setting for really external apps but not for 
  its own components? (OK, strictly speaking they're not external ;-))

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