Mark Hansen:
>On 06/02/09 11:11, Hartmut Figge wrote:
>> Arne:

>>>For what it's worth, I'm still on 1.1.14 and it works for me, links in 
>>>mail/news opens in new tab as I have that set in the preferences.
>> Interesting. Then it is either a regression or the others are using
>> extensions which cause the fault.
>I think you're jumping to a conclusion too quickly.


>For example, I am running on Linux, so it could be a Linux-only issue.

Then the issue should be tested on Linux. On my Gentoo i have SM 1.1.16
and i have just tested. The problem is there.

>Also, it only takes over an existing browser window if there is one
>open. In other words, if you just launch Mail & News and open an
>attachment, it will open a new window. It's only after I have existing
>browser windows, that I see the problem.

Well, repeated opening the same attachment should open new windows. And
that doesn't happen. Same thing with tabs.

>Incidentally, I've seen this problem since way back in the 1.1.X days
>(not sure how long ago, but certainly before 1.1.14).

I have some old SMs on my machine, but i am unable to run them, because
they require and i don't have that lib anymore after
cleaning up my Gentoo some month ago.

Surely, i could reinstall the lib, but i do not wish so. ;)

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