Thanks for the SHIFT- click info, Paul; but it's insufficient. Like many people, I build up hundreds of cookies, so when I delete there are some large blocks to delete. SHIFT-click only allows me to delete those cookies visible in the window, isn't that true? When I tried it and reached the bottom of the window, more cookies weren't raised up into the window. Therefore I was only able to delete about 25 cookies at a time. This becomes tiresome when one has about 2-300 to delete. In the applications which have it, sweep-highlighting continually brings more items into a window when one reaches the bottom. Therefore one can highlight as many consecutive items as desired. Is there some other technique you know to delete 300 consecutive items at a time? If not, Seamonkey could use sweep-highlighting. I'm assuming the programming wouldn't be onerous since the capability is already present in so many other applications.

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