Martin Feitag wrote:
Gerald Ross schrieb:
 Installed the beta version. Do I actually HAVE to have a master
 password? I never did in previous versions. Unable to bypass the window
 to make a master Password. Also unable to invent a password that I can
 really remember (oldtimer's disease) and that it will accept.

I guess I experienced the same when I migrated a Seamonkey 1.1.x profile
to SM2 after installing SM2.0b1. It seems like SM2 creates a key3.db
file in the profile-directory which is useless. After renaming/deleting
that file everything was fine and even the imported passwords were
Hope that helps

Wish I had known that earlier. I actually did a master password reset, then re-entered all my passwords one at a time. Only had about 15-20 that I still use so not a huge operation. Thanks.

Gerald Ross
Cochran, GA

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