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On 07/25/2009 01:05 PM, Gerald Ross wrote:
 Martin Feitag wrote:
 Gerald Ross schrieb:
  Installed the beta version. Do I actually HAVE to have a master
  password? I never did in previous versions. Unable to bypass the window
  to make a master Password. Also unable to invent a password that I can
  really remember (oldtimer's disease) and that it will accept.

 I guess I experienced the same when I migrated a Seamonkey 1.1.x profile
 to SM2 after installing SM2.0b1. It seems like SM2 creates a key3.db
 file in the profile-directory which is useless. After renaming/deleting
 that file everything was fine and even the imported passwords were
 Hope that helps

 Wish I had known that earlier. I actually did a master password reset,
 then re-entered all my passwords one at a time. Only had about 15-20
 that I still use so not a huge operation. Thanks.

For others; you don't have to do either of the above.

1. If you have a Master Password and wish to get rid of it so that you
won't get the multiple prompts (warning, your SM passwords will no
longer be encrypted):
Edit|Preferences|Privacy&  Security|Master Passwords|Change Password|
Current password:<entercurrentmasterpassword>
New password:<blank>
New password (again):<blank>
*Do not" use 'Reset Master Password' (read the warning).

2. If you never had a Master Password in your 1.1.x version and you are
now being prompted for one with SM2 after it's imported your 1.1.x
profile, you shouldn't. Please post with details on what you are seeing.
Again, *Do not" use 'Reset Master Password' (read the warning).

OK I never ever had a master password in SM 1.1.x or any other. When I installed SM2 beta it imported the profile from 1.1.x. On attempting to check mail it asked for my user name and password. After this was done it popped up a window asking me to enter my Master Password. I tried to leave blank and click OK but it was not OK and the window popped back up. After several tries like this, I tried just clicking the x on the popup. Back to square one. If it thought I had a current Master Password and not a blank one, I figured getting a new one would require the unknown old one, so I did not try this.

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