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Frog schrieb:

Now back to my original questions:
---can this Mozilla folder be moved to the E drive permanently?

Yes. :-)

---how do I make this happen so that SeaMonkey will know where to find it.


---what happens when I attempt to make future updates to SeaMonkey?

Everything will be fine, Seamonkey updates the program diretory, not
your profile directory.
You can delete the program directory etc. if you wish at ay time, your
profil will stay safe and can be used later on.

The only exception is when Seamonkey 2.0 shows up. Then you will have to
repeat these steps to move your SM2 profile once again (but only one
time). This is due to the fact that SM2 creates a new profile by
importing data from your old SM1.1.x profile.
As long as you're updating SM1.1.17 to 1.1.18 for examle no further
steps are required. And when you update SM2.0 to SM2.1 or whatever no
further steps will be required.

---do I have a separate action to take involving the tomtom entry found
in the Mozilla folder?

---is moving this Mozilla folder to the E drive a good or bad idea?

Moving your profile to your data-partition is a very good idea as you
can format your OS-partition (or reload backup, whatever) at any time
without losing any of your profile data.


I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to this subject--I have been
otherwise occupied by my daughters surgery.

I'm not sure I know what I am doing when I start moving my profile to
the E:\ partition of my hard drive.  Let me explain and hope you can
give me a little further guidance.
Step 1 - Completely close Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x
Step 2 - Copy the <Profile name>folder (which contain the xxxxxxxx.SLT
folder to wherever you want to store it, as long as no other folder with
the same name exists in that location.  You can copy it anywhere except
the application's program directory.
**Currently, my profile is found in the following location:
C:\Documents and Settings\Frog\Application Data\Mozilla
Under Mozilla at this point I have the following:
               Local Folders
               (((and other news groups I visit)))
I decided, based on the instructions above that I was to copy the
"Profiles" folder to the E partition of my hard drive...becoming E:\Profiles. That action was completed. I checked to see that all sub folders under the "Profiles" folder was also copied to the E:\ location and they were. So far, all was going without a glitch.

QUESTION 1: I desire to move everything from Mozilla folder on to the E:\ partition. Is this possible? I'm not sure what moving the Mozilla folder, a folder that includes a sub folder "Extensions", will do to my tomtom GPS update connection.
Step 3 - Start Profile Manager - **Done.
Step 4 - Click on "Create Profile..." and, in the dialog that opens,
enter the new profile name, using the EXACT same name as the <Profile
name> folder you copied.  For example, if you are copying the
MyProfile\xxxxxxxx.SLT folder, enter MYProfile as the new profile name.
**I did as instructed, I placed Frog-SeaM in the "new profile name" blank.
Strp 5 - If you placed the <Profile name> folder in a different location
(other than the Default profile location):
Check on the "Choose Folder..." button.  A "Browse for Folder" dialog
will open.
Select the folder that contains the <Profile Name> folder you copied.
For example, if you placed the <My Profile>folder inside the
D:Mozilla\Profiles folder, select the "Profiles" folder.
***I chose the E:\Profiles in the dropdown window.  I thought everything
was working as advertised at this point--I identified the name of my
profile as Frog/SeaM and that it was located on my system at E:\Profiles.
Review the path shown in the "Completing the Create Profile Wizard"
dialog to make sure it is correct, and then click "Finish" to create the
new Profile.
***When reviewing this step, I found that I was not able to proceed any further, as I was informed that a profile already exists with the same name...and to please select a different name for my profile. I hit cancel again because I didn't know what to do next. Can you give me some guidance that will get me the rest of the way through this process?

Thanks for your help.


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