Martin Feitag wrote:
Frog schrieb:

Now back to my original questions:
---can this Mozilla folder be moved to the E drive permanently?

Yes. :-)

---how do I make this happen so that SeaMonkey will know where to find it.


---what happens when I attempt to make future updates to SeaMonkey?

Everything will be fine, Seamonkey updates the program diretory, not
your profile directory.
You can delete the program directory etc. if you wish at ay time, your
profil will stay safe and can be used later on.

The only exception is when Seamonkey 2.0 shows up. Then you will have to
repeat these steps to move your SM2 profile once again (but only one
time). This is due to the fact that SM2 creates a new profile by
importing data from your old SM1.1.x profile.
As long as you're updating SM1.1.17 to 1.1.18 for examle no further
steps are required. And when you update SM2.0 to SM2.1 or whatever no
further steps will be required.

---do I have a separate action to take involving the tomtom entry found
in the Mozilla folder?

---is moving this Mozilla folder to the E drive a good or bad idea?

Moving your profile to your data-partition is a very good idea as you
can format your OS-partition (or reload backup, whatever) at any time
without losing any of your profile data.


Thank you for helping me. I quickly looked at the two web locations that you suggested and it appears that my problem is on the way to being solved. Two quick questions---

would it be best for me to wait until SM2 is officially on the street? (I dislike making new profiles...maybe because I don't feel sure of myself when taking this action)?


what is the expected date for SM2 to be officially released?

Thanks again for the information and reassuring me that my thoughts are not totally in left field.

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