Frog schrieb:
> Martin Feitag wrote:
>> Moving your profile to your data-partition is a very good idea as you
>> can format your OS-partition (or reload backup, whatever) at any time
>> without losing any of your profile data.
>> regards
>> Martin
> I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to this subject--I have been
> otherwise occupied by my daughters surgery.
> I'm not sure I know what I am doing when I start moving my profile to
> the E:\ partition of my hard drive.  Let me explain and hope you can
> give me a little further guidance.
> -----
> Step 1 - Completely close Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey 1.x
> **Done.
> -----
> Step 2 - Copy the <Profile name>folder (which contain the xxxxxxxx.SLT
> folder to wherever you want to store it, as long as no other folder with
> the same name exists in that location.  You can copy it anywhere except
> the application's program directory.
> **Currently, my profile is found in the following location:
> C:\Documents and Settings\Frog\Application Data\Mozilla
> Under Mozilla at this point I have the following:
> Mozilla
>    Extensions
>    Profiles
>       Frog-SeaM
>          g66n48iz.slt
>             chrome
>             Mail
>                Local Folders
>             News
>                (((and other news groups I visit)))
> I decided, based on the instructions above that I was to copy the
> "Profiles" folder to the E partition of my hard drive...becoming
> E:\Profiles.  That action was completed.  I checked to see that all sub
> folders under the "Profiles" folder was also copied to the E:\ location
> and they were.   So far, all was going without a glitch.
> QUESTION 1: I desire to move everything from Mozilla folder on to the
> E:\ partition.  Is this possible?  I'm not sure what moving the Mozilla
> folder, a folder that includes a sub folder "Extensions", will do to my
> tomtom GPS update connection.
> -----
> Step 3 - Start Profile Manager - **Done.
> -----
> Step 4 - Click on "Create Profile..." and, in the dialog that opens,
> enter the new profile name, using the EXACT same name as the <Profile
> name> folder you copied.  For example, if you are copying the
> MyProfile\xxxxxxxx.SLT folder, enter MYProfile as the new profile name.
> **I did as instructed, I placed Frog-SeaM in the "new profile name" blank.
> -----
> Strp 5 - If you placed the <Profile name> folder in a different location
> (other than the Default profile location):
> Check on the "Choose Folder..." button.  A "Browse for Folder" dialog
> will open.
> Select the folder that contains the <Profile Name> folder you copied.
> For example, if you placed the <My Profile>folder inside the
> D:Mozilla\Profiles folder, select the "Profiles" folder.
> ***I chose the E:\Profiles in the dropdown window.  I thought everything
> was working as advertised at this point--I identified the name of my
> profile as Frog/SeaM and that it was located on my system at E:\Profiles.
> -----
> Review the path shown in the "Completing the Create Profile Wizard"
> dialog to make sure it is correct, and then click "Finish" to create the
> new Profile.
> ***When reviewing this step, I found that I was not able to proceed any
> further, as I was informed that a profile already exists with the same
> name...and to please select a different name for my profile.
> I hit cancel again because I didn't know what to do next.  Can you give
> me some guidance that will get me the rest of the way through this process?

*Argh* This is awful.
Try to rename your old profile in the profile-manager after copying it.
(take it as step 3a after step3)


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