Arnie Goetchius wrote:
I was running SM 2.0a3 on WinXP for about an hour but decided to revert back to 1.17. I uninstalled with "Remove Programs" from XP Control settings and then re-installed 1.17 with no problem.

My main reason for uninstalling was the inability of the SM 2.0a3 to import all 8 of my profiles. It would only import 1. I understand there are work arounds (discussed in another thread) for this problem. However, I would really like SM 2.0a3 to give me the option of clicking on all of the profiles for import instead of just one.

Yes, that's kind of a show stopper. Requiring the user to do magic for something which should just WORK is going to keep some users from upgrading, and people who make use of multiple profiles probably are the kind of user you want saying good things about a new version.

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