Bill Davidsen schrieb:
> Arnie Goetchius wrote:
>> I was running SM 2.0a3 on WinXP for about an hour but decided to
>> revert back to 1.17. I uninstalled with "Remove Programs" from XP
>> Control settings and then re-installed 1.17 with no problem.
>> My main reason for uninstalling was the inability of the SM 2.0a3 to
>> import all 8 of my profiles. It would only import 1. I understand
>> there are work arounds (discussed in another thread) for this problem.
>> However, I would really like SM 2.0a3 to give me the option of
>> clicking on all of the profiles for import instead of just one.
> Yes, that's kind of a show stopper. Requiring the user to do magic for
> something which should just WORK is going to keep some users from
> upgrading, and people who make use of multiple profiles probably are the
> kind of user you want saying good things about a new version.

First of all Beta1 is the current one, not alpha3 ;-)

Of course the migration of more profiles would be a luxury but you can
migrate with only a few steps:

If you wish to migrate more than one profile or set the profile name,
run SeaMonkey with the following arguments (one after another):
            * Seamonkey -createProfile <ProfileName>
            * Seamonkey -P <ProfileName> -migration

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