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Arnie Goetchius schrieb:
NoOp wrote:
On 08/01/2009 08:35 PM, NoOp wrote:
On 08/01/2009 03:31 PM, Arnie Goetchius wrote:
Further down it shows a "Import Wizard" showing multiple profiles:

Does this not work? Or is that the issue, that you can only select one
at time?
I have installed and uninstalled B1 three times and cannot open the
"Import Wizard" at all on install NO 2 and No 3. It did show up on
the first install. Apparently the uninstall (Windows XP remove) is
leaving some thing in some folder somewhere that is preventing the
"Import Wizard" from running at all on Installs No 2 or No 3.
Possible - see my last #12,13,14 comments:

Trying the command
options will add the profile to the list but the -migrate option
does not get the information from 1.17. The only way to get the
information into the newly added profile is to add it manually.
I've just tested on Win2KPro by:

1. Creating an additional profile (tests) in 1.1.17 and adding this
newsgroup to it so I can test,
2. Opening the import wizard in 2.0b1 by running SeaMonkey
C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\seamonkey -migration

and the import wizard comes up showing both my default 1.1.17 *and* the
newly created 'tests' profile. Tick the 'tests profile, import it,
reopen 2.0b1, and the 'tests' profile is there & working just fine.

So, for me it does indeed work. I can test on WinXP tomorrow
Also just uninstalled 2.0b1 (including profile) and reinstalled; on this
reinstall 2.0b1 prompts me on the import wizard for both the 'default'
and the 'tests' profiles.

I uninstalled and installed many times all weekend and today but was
never able to get it to prompt me for the import wizard. It always went
straight to the Profile Manager. Of course I can add all 8 profiles
there manually but that sucks. Each profile has it's own in-box and

So have you tried to use
"C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -P "SM2profile" -migration
as suggested?


Yes, I did try that, many times. It worked once but after the first time, it sends me directly to the Profile Manager. It no longer gets me to the Import Wizard no matter what I try.
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