Boppy schrieb:
> On Jul 29, 7:22 pm, Martin Feitag <>
> wrote:
>> Boppy schrieb:
>>> Meantime, this morning I clicked the SM icon and my old profile
>>> opened, complete with bookmarks and mail, but missing several menus:
>>> I was particuarly wanting to do screenshots of my passwords but can't
>>> access them.
>>> Is there a way to transfer passwords to a new profile also?
>> You can transfer nearly everything to a new profile.
>> Profile FAQ:
>> Information about the folders and file within the Profile folder (need
>> to scroll down a bit):
>> regards
>> Martin
> Thanks, but I've already looked here and discovered that Vista is not
> supported. Any other suggestions?

Just for completeness:
For Vista and Win7 it's C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\... and
so on (same like XP from there on). Where %userprofile% is your login-name.

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