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Boppy wrote, on 2009-07-22 18:07:

On Jul 22, 11:24 pm, Daniel <> wrote:
Boppy wrote:
Right, got my bookmarks, mail etc back.
Now I've got this weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom.
How can I shrink it back to normal size?
Thanks in advance,
Image of deformed bottom bar:
Jo, this "weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom" of the
browser screen usually means that one (or more) of your extensions is
not suitable for SM 1.1.17.
To fix this, you need to install the Extension Manager 2.0 and the
Extension UnInstaller API 2.1 from Then you
should be able to see the Extension Manager under Tools in SeaMonkey.
Use the Extension Manager to disable or uninstall one or two extensions
at a time and the re-start SeaMonkey until the Browser image looks
right. Try and find an updated version of the sus extension.
Hope that helps.
Hi Daniel, thanks for replying. As this is a clean install of
Seamonkey (and I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times since
yesterday) isn't it a bit odd that it would have an extension that I
haven't installed?
Unfortunately I can't get your recommended file to install as I get an
error message "not a valid install package" error for both components.
Running the file from a download simply asks me to pick an application
to open it with.
Under Tools I have the option to click on Extension Uninstaller but
doing so simply brings up a warning telling me to install the app,
which I can't do.
Grateful for further guidance. This extra large bit at the bottom of
my screen has never been a problem before - I've used Seamonkey for
several years. It's odd that it's cropped up now. The only difference
is that I now have newly re-installed Vista along with SP2 ( SP1
caused the crash).
Hi Jo,

The new component named Extension Manager 2.0 has never worked for me.

But the former one, originally named just Extension Uninstaller works
perfectly together with the API component.

If you want to try it tell me and I can send you that by e-mail.



Thanks Rubens, I'll let you know if I need it - I think I saw it there
for download so might give it a try.

Meantime I have a more perplexing issue. While last night and this
morning I was able to open Seamonkey and have all my old mail and
bookmarks open, now when I load Seamonkey it loads without all of
these items. Opening Profile Manager still shows me the default
profile where I copied everything but it's just not displaying.
Looking at the users/profile directory shows the data, but Seamonkey
is simply not loading it on startup.

Any suggestions?


Jo, my normal response would be to tell you that SM didn't close down correctly and that when you started up today, you must have made up a new profile. I'd then tell you to go to your Profile Manager to see if you had an extra profile......but you've been there and you haven't, so I'm a bit stumped, but...

Just to be real sure, close SeaMonkey, wait about a minute, then give the Windows three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and if you see SM still listed as running, click on it and End Task. Close the Window, re-start are things now??

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