Boppy schrieb:
> On Jul 29, 12:07 am, Daniel <> wrote:
>> Boppy wrote:
>>> On Jul 24, 10:22 pm, Daniel <> wrote:
>>>> Boppy wrote:
>>>>> On Jul 23, 11:54 pm, Daniel <> wrote:
>>>>>> Boppy wrote:
>>>>>>> On Jul 23, 2:06 pm, Rubens <> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Boppy wrote, on 2009-07-22 18:07:
>>>>>>>>> On Jul 22, 11:24 pm, Daniel <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> Boppy wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Right, got my bookmarks, mail etc back.
>>>>>>>>>>> Now I've got this weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom.
>>>>>>>>>>> How can I shrink it back to normal size?
>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>>>>>>>>> Jo
>>>>>>>>>>> Image of deformed bottom bar:
>>>>>>>>>> Jo, this "weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom" of the
>>>>>>>>>> browser screen usually means that one (or more) of your extensions is
>>>>>>>>>> not suitable for SM 1.1.17.
>>>>>>>>>> To fix this, you need to install the Extension Manager 2.0 and the
>>>>>>>>>> Extension UnInstaller API 2.1 from Then you
>>>>>>>>>> should be able to see the Extension Manager under Tools in SeaMonkey.
>>>>>>>>>> Use the Extension Manager to disable or uninstall one or two 
>>>>>>>>>> extensions
>>>>>>>>>> at a time and the re-start SeaMonkey until the Browser image looks
>>>>>>>>>> right. Try and find an updated version of the sus extension.
>>>>>>>>>> Hope that helps.
>>>>>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>>>>>> Hi Daniel, thanks for replying. As this is a clean install of
>>>>>>>>> Seamonkey (and I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times since
>>>>>>>>> yesterday) isn't it a bit odd that it would have an extension that I
>>>>>>>>> haven't installed?
>>>>>>>>> Unfortunately I can't get your recommended file to install as I get an
>>>>>>>>> error message "not a valid install package" error for both components.
>>>>>>>>> Running the file from a download simply asks me to pick an application
>>>>>>>>> to open it with.
>>>>>>>>> Under Tools I have the option to click on Extension Uninstaller but
>>>>>>>>> doing so simply brings up a warning telling me to install the app,
>>>>>>>>> which I can't do.
>>>>>>>>> Grateful for further guidance. This extra large bit at the bottom of
>>>>>>>>> my screen has never been a problem before - I've used Seamonkey for
>>>>>>>>> several years. It's odd that it's cropped up now. The only difference
>>>>>>>>> is that I now have newly re-installed Vista along with SP2 ( SP1
>>>>>>>>> caused the crash).
>>>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>>>> Jo
>>>>>>>> Hi Jo,
>>>>>>>> The new component named Extension Manager 2.0 has never worked for me.
>>>>>>>> But the former one, originally named just Extension Uninstaller works
>>>>>>>> perfectly together with the API component.
>>>>>>>> If you want to try it tell me and I can send you that by e-mail.
>>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>>> Rubens
>>>>>>> Thanks Rubens, I'll let you know if I need it - I think I saw it there
>>>>>>> for download so might give it a try.
>>>>>>> Meantime I have a more perplexing issue. While last night and this
>>>>>>> morning I was able to open Seamonkey and have all my old mail and
>>>>>>> bookmarks open, now when I load Seamonkey it loads without all of
>>>>>>> these items. Opening Profile Manager still shows me the default
>>>>>>> profile where I copied everything but it's just not displaying.
>>>>>>> Looking at the users/profile directory shows the data, but Seamonkey
>>>>>>> is simply not loading it on startup.
>>>>>>> Any suggestions?
>>>>>>> Jo
>>>>>> Jo, my normal response would be to tell you that SM didn't close down
>>>>>> correctly and that when you started up today, you must have made up a
>>>>>> new profile. I'd then tell you to go to your Profile Manager to see if
>>>>>> you had an extra profile......but you've been there and you haven't, so
>>>>>> I'm a bit stumped, but...
>>>>>> Just to be real sure, close SeaMonkey, wait about a minute, then give
>>>>>> the Windows three finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and if you see SM still
>>>>>> listed as running, click on it and End Task. Close the Window, re-start
>>>>>> are things now??
>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>> Hi Daniel, there's definitely nothing in the processes relating to
>>>>> Seamonkey. And when I first re-booted started SM with a cleanmachine I
>>>>> still got no profile.
>>>>> I've already un- and re-installed SM a couple of times. Now I'm
>>>>> thinking about ditching it altogether and using an other app. But what
>>>>> mail apps will accept an imported SM profile?
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Jo
>>>> O.K., Jo, before you go away, open SeaMonkey, have a look at
>>>> Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Preferences, select your email account (may be your
>>>> only account), have a look at the bottom of the "Server Settings"
>>>> screen, it should tell you where your Local Directory is. Note this
>>>> location. Have a look 
>>>> at
>>>> to un-hide your folders if necessary.
>>>> Then close SeaMonkey, make sure it's not still running by Ctrl-Alt-Del,
>>>> then do a Windows Find File or Folder looking for "inbox" (without the
>>>> ""). The reason I've asked you to do this search is that when you
>>>> un-install SeaMonkey, you are just un-installing the program, your
>>>> profile, which contains all your e-mails, etc, is not un-installed. It
>>>> may be just that when you did a re-install of SeaMonkey, it might not
>>>> have found the old profile. If the search does find an "inbox" (without
>>>> the ""), it might just be in your lost profile. If you only find one
>>>> "inbox" (without the ""), is it in the same location as the Local
>>>> Directory you noted in SM earlier??
>>>> Report back.
>>>> Daniel
>>> Well a couple of times yesterday I managed to get my profile to open
>>> with SM but then subsequently not. Today not at all. I've deleted all
>>> other profiles except the Jo profile from Jo/AppData/Mozilla/Profiles
>>> and it's the only profile available under Profile Manager and still it
>>> won't load.
>>> I really need to access my old mail. Is there any way I can export it
>>> to open in another mail app?
>>> Jo
>> O.K., Jo, first step, give yourself a new profile....Go into the Profile
>> Manager, Manage Profiles, Create New Profile, call it something distinct
>> and on that screen, click the button "Choose Folder" so that YOU can put
>> the profile exactly where YOU want it. Finish the rest of the
>> installation, O.K.'ing your way out of this process, but select your new
>> profile. Now close SeaMonkey totally, don't even have it running in your
>> Quick Launch portion of the Windows Desktop.
>> Do a Windows Find File or Folder to locate files called "inbox" (without
>> the ""). This is the files in which all your received emails are held.
>> You will also find "inbox.msf" files, don't worry about them as they are
>> just index files for the inbox, and which will need to be re-indexed
>> later. One of the "inbox" will be in the location you just created.
>> Change the names of the other inboxs to inbox1, inbox2, etc.
>> Now, use your Windows "My Computer" or "Explorer" or whatever to make
>> your way to the locations of these renamed files, cut the inbox1, then
>> make your way to where you put YOUR new profile and when you find its
>> inbox, paste the inbox1 at the same level as YOUR inbox. Do the same
>> thing for all the other inboxn's.
>> Now open SeaMonkey and you should, hopefully, see all these inboxn's
>> lined up in your profile, so you can move the emails from each inboxn
>> into your main inbox.
>> When you've got the inbox sorted out, you may want to do a similar
>> process for your "Sent", "Drafts" and "Templates" folders.
>> Report back.
>> Daniel
> Thanks Daniel, I'll try doing that.
> Meantime, this morning I clicked the SM icon and my old profile
> opened, complete with bookmarks and mail, but missing several menus:
> I was particuarly wanting to do screenshots of my passwords but can't
> access them.
> Is there a way to transfer passwords to a new profile also?

You can transfer nearly everything to a new profile.

Profile FAQ:

Information about the folders and file within the Profile folder (need
to scroll down a bit):


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