>JeffM wrote:
>>Mozilla-compliant browsers work very well rendering HTML.
>>Again:  Rendering NON-HTML is NOT their job.
Mark Hansen wrote:
>Good grief.
>Why, then, do you think Gecko-based browsers are in the market?
Asked and answered.

>Many, many web sites do not have good HTML.
Specifically, those sites have code built for Internet Exploder.
If you want to access a page *built* for Internet Exploder,
just USE Internet Exploder.

>Perhaps the foundation should take the browsers off the market
>until all the site developers get their act together and start
>writing good HTML code?
>The fact is that if you want to be a browser in today's web,
>you need to be able to work in today's web.
aka "Bend over and take it".
aka "Just surrender to The Borg".

I choose to boycott garbage sites.
If you can't find the content elsewhere, register your complaint
--with those who have the power to change things.
Coming here and complaining isn't going to change anything
about their broken site.

I assure you that the browser developers
aren't interested in making the browser M$-compliant.
That would be stupid.
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