On 09/16/09 15:42, JeffM wrote:
>>JeffM wrote:
>>>Mozilla-compliant browsers work very well rendering HTML.
>>>Again:  Rendering NON-HTML is NOT their job.
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>>Good grief.
>>Why, then, do you think Gecko-based browsers are in the market?
> Asked and answered.
>>Many, many web sites do not have good HTML.
> Specifically, those sites have code built for Internet Exploder.
> If you want to access a page *built* for Internet Exploder,
> just USE Internet Exploder.
>>Perhaps the foundation should take the browsers off the market
>>until all the site developers get their act together and start
>>writing good HTML code?
>>The fact is that if you want to be a browser in today's web,
>>you need to be able to work in today's web.
> aka "Bend over and take it".
> aka "Just surrender to The Borg".
> I choose to boycott garbage sites.

Yes, exactly. You can choose to boycott such sites. To suggest
that SeaMonkey needn't worry about such sites is short sighted,

> If you can't find the content elsewhere, register your complaint
> --with those who have the power to change things.
> Coming here and complaining isn't going to change anything
> about their broken site.
> I assure you that the browser developers
> aren't interested in making the browser M$-compliant.
> That would be stupid.

I think browser developers would want to encourage site developers
to do the right thing, but ultimately, they would want users to use
their browser. It's an unfortunate fact of life that there are a lot
of site developers out there that just don't know what they're doing
(with regard to cross-browser support).

The average user isn't going to care whether the site is developed
according to standards. They only care that the site works when they
access it with their client. They will ultimately choose the browser
that works on the site they frequent. If Gecko refuses to work on
these sites, these users simply won't choose Gecko-based browsers.

You can certainly argue that Gecko-based browsers just don't need
that segment of user. You may be right. I think Gecko-based browsers
can use all the users they can get - lest they go the way of the

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