On 09/15/09 21:45, Ken Rudolph wrote:
> Yeah, it worked for me, too.  Not only that, but it solved another 
> nagging problem where my bank's bill pay page refused to accept the 
> Seamonkey browser and totally hanged.  I always had to remember 
> every time to click on the "User Agent Switcher" in the Tools menu 
> and set it to IE 6.0 or Firefox 2.0 before accessing the bill pay 
> page in order to get to the page.  Now I don't have to!  I'm not 
> sure how or why this works; but it does...and I thank you!
> --Ken

It works because the web site developer is "sniffing" for "Firefox",
instead of Gecko. By adding the about:config entry, you're just
adding "Firefox" to the user agent string sent by your browser by
default - thus, "tricking" the web site into accepting your browser
as Firefox.

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