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In my work I need to monitor local deaths at this site: <>

Ah. Clerical staff. That explains a lot.

No, it doesn't. I'm not clerical staff, and your repeated attempts to demean me only reveal the bankruptcy of your argument. If you had valid arguments, you wouldn't have to stoop to mud-slinging.

It's hard enough for a technical staff to implement
the specs that the customer's contract list.
When the marketing boys get their fingers into things
and start expanding the *want* list,
things get exponentially more difficult.

   The job of a browser:
Take the HTML code on an HTML page
and translate it into a corresponding display on the screen
(or do whatever is asked by that STANDARD code).

   What you want:

<sarc> Thanks for telling me. I really had no idea what I wanted, I need you to tell me. </sarc>

Besides rendering STANDARD code,
make provisions in the browser's codebase
for all 237 ways that a clumsy page builder can screw that up.
Now multiply that by the number of HTML instructions available.

Like I said: exponentially more difficult.
If you had ever done any technical development work,
you would see what a burden that puts on the browser developers
--and it is completely UNNECESSARY.

Unless of course you want your users to be able to USE the damn thing in the real world.

I actually do understand the difficulties, but unlike the fantasy Paul that you create so you can knock him down, the real Paul wants a browser that handles the /most common/ developer errors. The techniques exist (or you could invent your own), as demonstrated by the existence of browsers that do cope. I never asked for perfection, but it's very convenient for you to pretend that I did, because straw men are easy to knock down.

   A method to resolve this:
Have the browser developers incorporate
the HTML Validator extension into the core code.
When a crap site is encountered, a box pops up.
If the page has <20 errors, the box is small.
If the page has 20 < errors > 100, the box is larger.
If the page has >100 errors, the box covers the screen and says

There.  Problem solved.

Yeah, you've solved it by driving your customers away. Congrats. How should we make out your bonus check?

War doesn't determine who's right, just who's left.
Paul B. Gallagher
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