On 29 Sep., 18:32, Jordon <jor...@removethissamiamnot.com> wrote:
> jnmayer wrote:
> > So now when I send a mail with a large attachement, seamonkey takes
> > some time sending the mail. But in the end the mail is not sent and I
> > get an error message (smtp server error). When I turn off the email
> > check in GData Antivirus everything works just fine.
> > My friend is a little bit paranoid about computer viruses and wants to
> > ckeck outgoing mails. So what can be done to solve this problem? Is it
> > a known problem? As I said before, he was using the old mozilla which
> > did not have this problem at all.
> I've never placed that much importance on scanning
> outgoing mail. If outgoing mail has a virus you have
> bigger problems. How did it get there in the first
> place and why didn't the anti-virus program detect
> it when it arrived?

You have mistaken me. There is no virus in the attachement! But when
GData tries to scan for infections, Seamonkey doesn't send the mail.

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