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So now when I send a mail with a large attachement, seamonkey takes
some time sending the mail. But in the end the mail is not sent and I
get an error message (smtp server error). When I turn off the email
check in GData Antivirus everything works just fine.
My friend is a little bit paranoid about computer viruses and wants to ckeck outgoing mails. So what can be done to solve this problem? Is it
a known problem? As I said before, he was using the old mozilla which
did not have this problem at all.

I've never placed that much importance on scanning
outgoing mail. If outgoing mail has a virus you have
bigger problems. How did it get there in the first
place and why didn't the anti-virus program detect
it when it arrived?

You have mistaken me. There is no virus in the attachement! But when
GData tries to scan for infections, Seamonkey doesn't send the mail.

I have not mistaken you. You have said that there is no
problem when scanning of outbound mail is turned off. I
said that I don't see the importance of scanning outbound
mail. The way I look at it, the solution is simple. Turn
off the scanning of outbound mail. The attachments got on
the computer somehow. Why should they be scanned twice?

I said "If your outbound email has a virus you have bigger
problems". If that were the case it would lead me to believe
that the anti-virus program didn't do its job when the
virus got into the computer. Why would you trust it to catch
something on the way out that it didn't catch on the way in?

It has nothing to do with a virus at all, in all versions
seamonkey and as I tested it now on Fedora 11 with XP on the
same disk, it happens always: /seamonkey/ keeps on saying
*copy_complete* that happens also in 2.01b, with attachments
 >5 Mbyte or so. Chapeau, I am running
the dutch version of 2.01b and it runs just as well very good.
Oh, I forgot to say that there is nothing wrong with your
attachment it copies it completely.

The OP was jnmayer. You are GerardJan. Are you the
same person? You appear to be posting from Madrid
Spain. jnmayer appears to be posting from Hof, Germany.
Proxy maybe? Or are you the friend?

In any event, I am not saying that he has a virus!!!

But, he *is* using a virus scanner. Correct?

And, it's only by using that virus scanner to scan
outbound messages that the problems occur. Correct?

GData is scanning everything coming into the computer.

All outbound attachment are being scanned. Correct?

GData is scanning all outbound attachments twice, once
coming in to the computer and once going out. Correct?

If all the above statements are correct, I have to ask
why is he doing that? Stop scanning outbound attachments
and the problem is solved!

Actually I come from Denia, /, and I have no domain address and I feel sorry that you or me did not render the question correctly. GerardJan is a name I got from my father and since I have forgiven him what he did in his life, I have to bear that name.
But anyway this is not the correct newsgroup to argue about that.

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