Jens Hatlak wrote:
The problems described in this thread (which were regressions introduced
through a recently added feature, tabmail) are already fixed for the
upcoming Release Candidates. Lots of other things have been fixed, too, both
between the last beta and now and (even more) in comparison to the current
stable 1.1.x product line. Some major problems will even be fixed as late as
today. SM 2.0 won't be perfect but developers are trying as good as they can
to fix the most visible bugs left given the limited resources the project

As one of the many who can't contribute to the process and only benefit, I want
to thank everyone who does, once again.  :)  Looking forward to the final 2.0!

The standard reply to questions when there will be a release has been "when
it's done". That worked as long as there was no light at the end of the
tunnel but at some point the decision was made to put an end to the delay.
The reasons for releasing this month go beyond bug counts and product
quality but that doesn't mean those things are unimportant either. It's just
time to finally wrap things up.



I have a question about bugzilla.  Because I desperately wanted the newsgroup
crossposting message filter, I downloaded my first beta program, b1.  When it 
automatically updated, and this mark message problem appeared, I went to
bugzilla to report it.

It has occurred to me, after reading responses there on several bugs, that the
project members might not want users who can't help technically to clutter up
that forum.  Is that the case?   I could understand that... just trying to
determine if I should confine my comments/problems to this newsgroup.  :)


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